Hello! We Are ShineCommerce.

About the ShineCommerce

Our Mission
Create an ecosystem platform to increase customer satisfaction by constantly innovating products from the passion and curiosity of all team members
Our Vision
We aspire to become the world's leading provider of solutions and applications for travel and e-commerce in the next 5-10 years.

Our core values

Customer - Centric

Treat our customer like our best friends to reach a remarkably high level of customer service and product development.

Earning and Benefits

We find a special talent on the teams and help them grow by rewarding and recognizing their work.

Creativity Environment

We give our employees a environment where they foster creativity and innovation at work.

Lifelong Learning

We are willing to chance to continually learn new things.

Team Members

Meet our teams

Human at ShineCommerce

Passion & Enthusiasm at work

We love, cultivate the best working environment, and achieve great things that give joy.

Clear direction on carrer path

ShineCommerce offers a clear incentive system, and frequent hot rewards for unique ideas.

Work together like a big family

We always care about each employees and listens to what they want and what they say.

The great way to work is love what you do!