Open Roles

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for enthusiastic young people in the field of e-commerce to create products and services that make customers happier every day.

Senior WordPress Developer
Available 2
Expired date 2022-10-30
Content Marketing
Available 1
Expired date 2022-10-31

What do you get at ShineCommerce?

You work with the company to reach your own goals on the career path.

We help you find your hidden talents by giving you bigger challenges to overcome.

In a young environment, each individual is like a seed in an incubator. You are recognized and unleashed your creativity at work.

You are expertly mentored by Tech Leader and the department heads on our company.

Earning And Welfare

Appreciate your dedication

Check point 2 times/ year
Competitive salary
Team building
Free snack, tea and coffee
Flexbile remote working
Bonus reward
Social and health insurance
40 working hours/week

ShineCommerce’s member say about us

When I apply for this job, I really want to learn more about how to support and make the customer satisfied every time. From enthusiastic support of my founder, I've developed the skill and knowledge to do my job well. Given the chance and strong support of all member, I'm really proud to work for this company


Customer Support

The Shinecommerce workplace is big and easy to work in, and there are a lot of young people who work there. My HR person is extremely kind and caring, and my coworkers are all nice and happy to be around. I love this intimate office because it makes me feel like I'm at home with my family.



At Shinecommerce, I face new challenges every day. I like the environment workplace of a startup and the freedom to come up with new ideas. I really appreciate Shine for not only giving me a job and chances to move up, but also for putting me in touch with such great friends. I honestly love Shinecommerce


HR Manager

Coming to Shine feels like a matching made in heaven. If you ask me what I get from Shine the most, I'd say it's a CO-WORKER, a family that I want to stay with for a long time and build big goals with. There are 3 criteria for me to apply to Shinecommerce: Recognized, Wage and Career Development


Design Leader