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Content Marketing

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We’re hiring a junior Content Marketing who is knowledgeable in the field of Marketing, Love the software field in eCommerce, Travel Booking.Have in-depth skills in Marketing: know how to implement multi-channel marketing, know how to measure channels.

Have english fluency skills: Priority is given to having an IELTS certificate of 7.0 or higher, or having lived and studied in European countries and the US.

We need you

Produce content related to the company’s solution products, helping customers understand their problems.

Use SEO knowledge in the content production process, making the company brand more accessible and useful to readers.

Develop a plan and directly develop Social Media content: Website, Fanpage, Youtube, Email Marketing.

Responsible for driving traffic to ShineCommerce products and solutions and supporting our channels including social channels, community forums, conferences and events, and more.


Why ShineCommerce is the right place for you

The environment is designed for personnel to develop both skills and commensurate income.

Be proactive in expressing your personality and determination in product development orientation.

Here if you have passion, blood and determination you will become the leader, the Product Owner who owns your product, has the decision to develop the product.

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